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Our aim at Mr Cheap Transport is to deliver the highest quality home furniture removal services to our clients at the most affordable prices. Our relationships with our clients are long-lasting, we have moved 1000’s of families in our years of service and many of these families have made use of our home furniture removal services more than once. Our enclosed carpeted trucks and experienced staff provide clients with a secure full home. Our enclosed carpeted trucks and experienced staff provide clients with a secure full home


Benefits of Hiring a Professional Moving Company in Johannesburg

Here are a few benefits of hiring a professional moving company like Mr Cheap Transport today.

Affordable Prices

Contrary to what the market trends suggest, the professional moving companies in Johannesburg
and the other places in South Africa can help you move articles quickly at affordable…


By choosing Mr Cheap Transport long-distance moving service, you are not only moving with one of the best long-distance moving companies, but you’re also moving with one you can trust. We have moved families across South Africa since our inception and aim to continue do so with excellent results.

We know how difficult it is to make the right decision to use a moving company. You want to get your goods safely to your new home without any damages ensuring that all your goods will be delivered without anything going missing

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